Tad Moore

Who is Tad Moore?

Here are some comments of others about Tad:

Southern Living Magazine writer Diane Young says, "a design legend and a players clubmaker."

Jim Achenbach-Senior Editor of Golfweek say’s, "Tad Moore is a brilliant-brilliant designer and has a great reputation."

Adam Barr –Business analyst and reporter for The Golf Channel says, "Moore’s design genius is undeniable."

"I ordered a PRO 1 putter and it came four days before our Club Championship. My truck was stolen and I called Tad and he shipped me another over night. I won the Club Championship by one putting four of the last five greens." -Scott Baker

"I bought a Tad Moore putter and shot my first 67 this week." -Eddy Martinez, Harlington, Texas

Bill Ploeger, former Georgia and USGA Senior Amateur Champion says, "It just feels different and the ball comes off the club face much more solidly than any other putter I’ve ever used."

Ian Woosnam has told Tad that he could not have won the Masters without Tad’s help in creating the perfect putter.

Prior to Tad’s becoming totally involved in golf club design, Tad designed and manufactured the shaft seals that were use on the axles of the Lunar Rover that landed on the Moon.

Tad is a very versatile designer indeed.