Local Hickory Golf Craftsmen Makes Putters for Presidents

Local Hickory Golf Craftsmen Makes Putters for Presidents

A small business in Selma is the leading supplier of hickory shaft golf clubs in the entire world.

Wal Tadmoore0810 PkgCustom-made hand-crafted golf clubs from Tad Moore Golf Shop are high-quality — and in high demand.

“We ship them all over the world.”

Tad Moore was introduced to the game of golf at an early age.

“My mom was a great player. And my brother was a good player,” said Moore.

“So, the two of them dragged me out to the golf course as soon as I could walk.”

And by the age of 22 — Moore was designing and manufacturing golf clubs of his own.

Wal Tadmoore0810 Pkg2In 2003, I started making reproduction of hickory shaft golf clubs, Bobby Jones era type golf clubs. Because you just couldn’t find enough good ones around the world. So, I started making them. And that’s how my journey got to Selma.

Moore teamed up with Odie Crisman III — whose father had owned a putter business in Selma in the 1940’s.

“He still had all of the equipment to make wooden shafts. So, he was the logical one for me to partner with,” Moore said.

Today — the Tad Moore golf brand has become synonymous with quality. And Moore has even made clubs for former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama — and Donald Trump.

Wal Tadmoore0810 Fox Pkg“That’s quite exciting you know, to do that,” said Moore.

“Barack is left handed. So, had to make him a left handed one. We’ve done recently a putter for Donald Trump. Everything I’ve always tried to do is to do it the very best. If I can’t make it the very best, I won’t make it.”

Moore says it takes about three days — to make one of his hand-crafted — hickory shafted golf clubs.

The shop also makes modern shafted clubs.

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