Golf Conversations Interview (Tad Moore: Putter Designer for Orlimar )

Golf Conversations Interview (Tad Moore: Putter Designer for Orlimar )

While it’s not strictly hickory golf, our own Tad Moore, who earlier built an international following among pros and amateurs with his great putters, has reached an agreement with Orlimar to design a new series. Following is some information from the press release about their cooperation.

TURNING BACK THE HANDS OF TIME: Orlimar made its name back in the 90s through metal woods. It Tri-Metal model gave Adams Golf a pretty good run for its money back in the day. Tad Moore has been designing clubs for what seems like an eternity. In 1989 he became a full time golf club designer when he signed an agreement with Dunlop/Maxfli/Slazenger Corporation. In 1997 he started Tad Moore Golf Inc., and was picked by Dunlop Japan to be their initial distributor of the new Srixon golf ball. In 2000 Moore turned the Srixon ball program over to Dunlop Japan and stopped the production of his line of clubs. Throughout his career, he has touched several tour pros’ games along the way. For example, Ian Woosnam has told him that he could not have won the Masters without his help in creating the perfect putter, according to Moore’s web site.

Now Tad Moore has reached an agreement to design a Signature Series of Orlimar putter. The signature series (suggested retail of $199) will be launched in October with four putters planned to be in the initial offering.

“We are fortunate to be able to partner with such a brilliant club designer who has an incredible reputation for innovation and quality work in the putter category,” said John Runyon, CEO and president of Orlimar. “His designs have a classic and timeless shape that appeal to the majority of golfers. The design elements that Tad is utilizing in the new series of putters will give golfers a more consistent roll and help them with distance control, which is one of the most important elements for good putters.”

“I am very excited to be working with Orlimar,” Moore said. “They always had a strong reputation for innovation, quality and value. I hope with this new putter line, together we can bring the Orlimar brand back even stronger.”

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