Washboard Face

The new face milling is a precision process that creates a unique surface. I chose to apply this process to the face even though it is very expensive to do. Why, you might ask, would I do this different process? The key reasons are the softer feeling and better roll that it imparts on the ball. Softer feel is important with today's newer golf balls, which have urethane and similar materials for the cover. While these covers are durable and give good grip on the ball, they have a different feel and hardness then the old "Balata" type cover materials. I set out to make a better putter when designing the new "Angleneck" putters, and one of my major areas of development was in the face. The very slight "washboard" effect on the face has less contact surface with the ball at impact and gives you the wonderful soft feeling you expect from a Tad Moore designed club along with a better roll. I am confident you will agree with me.