Angleneck Hosel

Why a new neck or hosel design? I struggled with getting an improved look in the playing position during the development of this new "Angleneck" series of putters. I have always felt that the "plumber neck" interfered with the alignment of the top line of the putter. All too often the putter either looked open or closed when I looked down at the ball. The neck in many cases caused this look. On tour we would simply put an adjustable wrench on the neck and bend it to try to get rid of the bad look. My answer to this problem is my new "Angleneck" design. I took this putter to the Tour Players for their opinion. They all agreed that this new "Angleneck" is a major improvement. One of the top ranked players used the putter right away and almost won a tournament. Another player said it was the best putter of this design he had ever seen. I think you will agree that this is a great design.